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escort cabs for sale cheap offers wonted **GONE**


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it wos stolen thay focked up the stearing colum but ive dun that its got no keys with it but i got 1 when i got the colium its 1.6 zetec clock are new but i had just dun cam belt on it when i got it its got front and back electric windows roof manual car dus run seems ive moved it it has 17inch alloys but thay ent in pics but that are on car




and sorry no tax or mot mate

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Plus you have given sod all info about the car.


car dus run seems ive moved it


Means nothing.


No pics of the roof up. Don't know its condition.


It was stolen. No info on how they got in. No tax or MOT. Nothing said about the bodywork.


I thought £100 was a good offer considering the rubbish info you have given on the car. Also looks like your keyboard is broken.


If you want to sell a car on an internet forum, it requires more effort. This is how a for sale thread should look: CLICK

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