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Thank you.

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After about two years my Escort is finally finished - lol and now im selling it! Dont know what next thou.


This isnt a thread to advertise my car so im not putting up pictures or anything or details - but I would like to say a huge thanks to everyone on this site (except the guy who ripped me off for electric mirrors!) for help, advice, encouragement, parts (sold swopped and bought) and a good laugh.


This site has been an absolute godsend - brilliant in everyway so a big Thanks and manly handshake to all - my memory is so poor - so if you have helped me please feel free to add your name as i cant exactly remember who did what - and dont want to add some and forget others.


Cheers people.



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Im not leaving! - but reading it back it does sound a bit final eh? I just wanted people to know how much i appreciated everything.



Drax - if i had the money i sooo would lol.


i think we'd all have a cosworth at least once if we could lol :cheers:

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That was my brother that did them - will pass that on - he wil be chuffed lol. Those lexus lights are going back on the car the day!


Honestly dont know whats next - maybe a mk6 Rs2000,sleeper Mk5 RST conversion - really depends on money i guess - i.e how much I get for the car and how much money i can borrow,raise! I have also considered a nice E36,Fto,Rover Coupe Tomcat, and a few others.


My brothers a Vauxhall man im ashamed to admit - he has a mint , and i do mean mint Nova sport that was in Total Vauxhall a few months ago and an Astra VXR - does eat my lunch that my younger brother has his dream car and a storming Turbo'd beast,he says he might get a cosworth next just to pi*s me off - and I wouldnt put it past him!

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