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zetec loom into a mk3 cabriolet


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Now i have the mk3 escort cabriolet with the zetec conversion that was running with the mk4 efi loom. I have purchased a full loom and ecu from a 1800 zetec along with all the sensors, maf, new Lambda and TPS. Now i have located and labelled all the plugs and so on so i know where it all goes, just a few issues that im not sure of:


1) what do i do with the mk4 efi wiring and ecu? do i chop it all back and tape it in the loom and leave the ecu intact?

2) what do i use to power my new loom and ecu? am i understanding that i : power the ecu with a switched live.

3) If so do i tap into the igntion powerfeed? or what do u recomend?

4) what happens to the fuel wiring? do i need to adapt it to go with my ecu?

5) what do i do with the fuel purge plug?


a mate of mine advised on finding the power and earth to the ecu (whats the pin number for this on ecu?), wiring the power straight to the ignition and earthing to body, and leaving my efi ecu intact, just chop and tape up the old loom. In otherwords turn the zetec ecu into a "stand-alone" system...



Hope you can help me.....





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Personally i'd just remove what you dont need and patch in the new loom into the same points that the old loom was patched into.. The only reason you're really using the later loom is so you get some additional sensors on it, so the actual core stuff is much the same as your old stuff.
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