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Mobile phone help !


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As per topic ,

i have just received my new samsung soul phone and now have a bit of a problem.

I work in the spray painting game and always carry sandpaper and bits of scotchbrite in my pocket , as you can imagine my current motorola krzr is totally scratched to bits , i have only one sim for my phone but really need 2 to enable me to keep my soul in decent condition and let me carry on using my old krzr for work.

I have seen sim copiers and re writers on ebay for a few quid !! can it be as simple as buying a writer complete with chip and copying all the deatils over to the blank chip ?

Has anybody else tried this ? Any problems ?

I asked T Mobile for a spare sim but they refused to issue another , and promptly told me to go on ebay and buy a sim and writer but the advisor wasnt sure how it would work or if it would at all.

Any help greatly appreciated.

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i work at o2, and as far as im aware this is totally not possible. how can you have two phones with the same number, making a call/receiving a call/texts would be a complete nightmare! let alone when you lose one. you block it, you dont know which has been lost, they block both, then youre buggered :pancake:


sorry if that sounds like im being sarcastic. what im trying to say is, it aint possible. definitely not officially anyway.

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It is possible... but you won't be able to use both sims at the same time


It would only be an idea if your a PAYG customer and if your idea is to store the backup sim at home and not in a phone.


If your a contract customer, don't bother. Once you lose your phone and sim you'll phone your provider who will (hopefully) block both the phone (on IMEI number) and sim (on sim number). They shouldn't however block the actual phone number permanently.

You should be able to get a new phone, second hand phone or probably a refurbished handset from your provider if you have insurance. Your provider should send you a new sim and will be able to port the phone number across for you (PAC transfer behind the scenes). As for the contents of your sim and the contents of your phone... It's your responsibility to make backups of these. Most phones now come with a data cable to backup phone contents and sim contents can either usually be transferred to your phone for backup or there are mobile (java) applications out there which will access your sim for backups.

O2 for example have a service called BlueBook for this purpose. (I'm sure T-Mobile will operate something similar - But can't be arsed to check.)


As for my experience, I used to work for Phones4u(b*stards) and made my colleges look dumb... Not a difficult task I know... most Phones4u employees respond to questions like "What are the special features of this handset?" with "Well... With if being a phone you can make phones calls... and... err... OOOHH!... if you type something it will magically appear on someone elses phone!!... If think it's called voodoo messaging...." :roll:

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