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I was just flicking through google images when i came across this http://www.productioncars.com/send_file.ph...dard_living.jpg

lucky americans get a 1.6 litre turbo! Bet its quicker than my N/A 1.6 lol

mine looks better though even if i do say so myself, americans cant do style lol

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What generation (US) Escort is that anyways??


1st Gen :P


I believe those came with a 1.9L HO engine. Not sure about the turbo ones though. I know my 2nd generation escort has a 1.9L with a SOHC cylinder head, cranking a whopping 88whp down :glare:. The zippier ones are the 2nd generation escort GT's. They had a Mazda 1.8L DOHC cylinder head putting down around 125whp.

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