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PC... Save some pennies if you've already got a decent monitor, keyboard, mouse etc and just buy a standalone PC rather than a package.


But then again I'm not a console fan... Lost interest after the PS2 :pancake:


same as me mate, got bored of my PS2 so sold it


I now own a mega pc with a nice big monitor which can run any games or movies i throw at it with ease.

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Can anyone remember when games were about gameplay and not graphics!?


If I had 1k I would get a Xbox360, Nice 40in+ HDTV and a soundsound package. Enjoy the console watch movies, play games with out worrying, play on line with ease.


My PC at home is a simple spec, core 2 duo, 2GB RAM, NVidia dual head graphics card. Simply because I dont spend anytime on my PC to play games. I use it to make money, work, surf the net, download games (demos of course for the 360)


I assume your posting on this forum from a PC you already have. So keep that. Pimp it out with hard disks install a media center and run it through your newly acuired HDTV.

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