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Shift Light??


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I never think about when I want to shift, I just do it.

I think prcatice to find where would be best to shift?


Or if you do decide to get one, might be worth dyno-ing the car so you can see where the powerband begins and ends :)


dyno-ing the car sounds good, but don't think its worth it to I get a 2L lump put in, but I mite do a bit of prcatcing when

I get home for the hols, my prob is I been driving a 1.3i for a while before getting this 1.6i, so there is a slight power increase

(if any lol), so I been driving it more like a 1.3i than a 1.6i lol.


But I do like the idea of having a Shift Light in my car, just to make life easier....

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Cheers :D


But really, do you mean if youve got your foot flat to the floor?


Ideally you want to upshift at the end of your powerband so that when your in the next gear your back in the powerband.


You can get a feel of where the power is just by driving it though tbh. What do you feel isnt happening?

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I think I know my problem is that I some times forget I'm driving a 1.6 not a 1.3, and still got the mind set from my older car....


ok this is the only way I can explain this:


1st gear I get to about 20mhp then change to 2rd than take that to 30mhp then change to 3rd than that to about 50mhp than change to 4th at 60 or 70mhp to 5th....


thats roughly though....

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