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Happy 21ST Birthday TommyT


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I know there are a lot of birthdays todays on the evo calendar but as Tom is an active club member who I know personally and a special birthday being his 21st ,I just want to wish him a great day and no doubt that goes for the whole Middx & Hert's region as well as EVO too


:hbday: Happy birthday Tom :hbday:





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Thanks for the replies guys and gals, really appreciate it :thumb: :thumb: :cheers: :cheers: :drunk: :drunk:


To be honest I could quite easily go another 21 years without having to whitness daves dancing again :roll:


Pretty chuffed as my girlfriend has turned up with an ipod nano and derren brown tickets so already pleased.


Trig, dunno what your talking bout mate. I'm only 5 foot 2!!!!!!!!!!!


And happy birthday mykez. 23rd May ROCKS :thumb:



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