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Xbox 360 - Gamertags


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I have seen loads of posts reguarding xbox 360 games ect.. so thought i would start a new one to put your gamertags and the games you play.


Sorry if it has been done before, just delete the thread if so :cheers:


Games Mostly played


Forza 2

Cod 4 & 5


Gamertag - Harakie


Feel free to add if you fancy a game

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there is a thread already afaik..but if you ask admin nicely they might merge the two..?? :unsure:


games...forza 2,

fifa 09,

fifa 08,

gta 4,

bad company,


pgr 3,

stuntman ignition,

saints row,

vegas 1 and 2


gamer tag : marshybcfc

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Pro Evo 6


Project 8

NFS Carbon

NFS Prostreet

NFS Undercover

Import Tuner

Fable 2


and others but never really play it that much now days, normally just the quick blast whipping peoples back sides on GH4 lol

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