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To the OP:


can i suggest that you edit the first post with everyones username and then gamertag all in a list so people don't have to trudge through to find people they wanna add. I know it'll be a bit of work at first but wouldn't take that much and a bit of upkeep every now and then.


That is all.


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Playstation's blu-ray drive has smoked... board gone, so it was either a new mainboard & drive board or new PS3... So I bought another 360 instead!

(can still play downloaded games on the PS3 I guess...)


Anyway, although it's in this thread somewhere... another shameless plug of my ID: A Creamy Moose



  • FIFA 13 (Mrs is amazing at it, I'm sh*t... :( )
  • Forza 3
  • Forza 4 (Now I've ditched the stupid "Essentials Edition" that came with the 360 for a real copy! - Whole reason why I bought that bundle! b*stards!)
  • ... COD and Halo soon!


Need to buy gold, if anyone can point me in the direction of a cheap 12month deal (don't care if it's 1 month codes x12 etc)

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