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want my wii modded chipped neone know neone in and around london essex


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Defo PeeWee but disc is the cheaper option. They are simple enough to do yourself most of them come with "read me instructions" but if anyone is local to me and what it done and cant do it there self just pm me.


I am in newcastle area and i can also do Ds Lites and DSi too.


Cheaper maybe but I would rather have proper gameplay than stutters running at 50% speed.

Plus all those dvdr discs lying around ewwww! lol.

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Granted and eventually in the long run it would cost more but its ideal for someone just learning to softmod.



True yes its the most cost effective, 50 quid external 2.5" 160gig Lacie usb powered hd from asda would be your goal though eventually & media streaming films & music wirelessly across your network is heaven. :drool:

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