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Cuirassy GTi

Chris O

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Nice motor mate ... Nice colour :cheers:


Trim looks good ... Straight fit ??



Had to make some adapter plates to fit the seatbelt pretensioners properly but other than that it was simple.


Nice one ... So the seats bolt straight in then ... Just have to Pish about with the seatbelt jobbys?


Yeah it was just to hold the pretensioners from working there way loose. It was annoying really in my old mk5 fiesta the pretensioners fitted perfectly :rolleyes:

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there was a racing Ka?


those seats are lovely!


There was one, a prototype one (95bhp tuned 1.3 iirc). Ford had already bought the seats but it never went into production, so they were offered as a very expensive option on the Ka. There are some finis code stickers on the bottom of both seats. The seats are the same as the Racing Puma seats just with grey instead of blue.

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New car looks fantastic Chris. I remember when u and Dan come over mine a few weeks ago you said u wanted one and u certainly havent hung around in getting one lol. Loving what your doing with it, i'll have to pop over your way and take a look one evening.
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It has been a while and I thought I'd better update the project thread. I've been busy helping Danzetec with his turbo project (very slow progressing project :P ) but I have still got a few bits and pieces done.


I have fitted:

Spax Coilovers

Electric Sunroof

Second Boot Light

Puma Interior Brushed Aluminium Handles

Escort Leather/Brushed Aluminium Handbrake Cover

Ghia Centre Console

Estate Rear Seat Carpets

Ghia Rear Beam Cover



Here are a couple of recent pictures from Ford Fair:






I have a few more mods currently in progress. OWENENG lower strut brace to fit, a Sparco mk5 upper strut brace to modify and finally I felt like just dropping a couple of teaser pictures of what else is coming up next.




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Looks a stunning clean car, But one thing i would definatly have not done is put coilovers on, RS2000 Running Gear (mk6) drops it to a real nice height and handling is real nice n firm :)


I have been really suprised with these coilovers. They are alot more comortable that I thought they were going to be. They are miles better than the shocks and springs I bought for my old mk5 escort.

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