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I have checked the item is still available, the spoiler is this item on our list:

Mk5 + 6 Escort Van

ESC5604 Roof spoiler large type (Cyclone) user: £126.72 club member: £121.44 (RRP: £132.00)


Delivery Costs

  • Spoiler/Grille Delivery: £25.00


Extra Information

  • Payments via PayPal will be subject to a surcharge of 4%.
  • Delivery is usually within 21 days of the order being placed with the manufacturer.

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How is the fitment of this stuff , i used to own a fully Cyclone fitted Orange van but it was the boy i bought it off who did all the work.


If i could get the stuff near to this price i would be happy but on sending an email i was told to add 15% to the price on the Fibresports website as the pricing was out of date which make a jump from £485.84 or £456.68 for a club member


ESC5802 Side skirts supa wide - Cyclone user: £153.80 club member: £146.60

ESC5805 Arch kit to fit with ESC5802 (4) user: £62.60 club member: £59.20

ESC5602 Rear bumper - Cyclone user: £164.40 club member: £155.80

FS12053 Front wrap around bib -specify STD bumper or Gti (3 aperture) user: £105.04 club member: £95.08


being for the above parts but at the prices i have been quoted by Email

ESC5802 Side skirts sup wide - cyclone - £194.35

ESC5805 Arch kit to fit with ESC5802 (4) - £89.70

ESC5602 Rear Bumper - Cyclone - £175.00 - £201.25

FS12053 Front wrap around bib - specify STD bumper or GTI - £161.00


full amount coming to £646.30 then shipping on top being £37 per bumper , £37 for sideskirts and say £25 for arches

so adding into account shipping i make that £646.30 +£136.00


£782.30 if im correct ?

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