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Fibresports Price List


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Yes there website prices are out of date, ours have been updated (or should have).


You would buy the items from us, we are a Fibresports distributor.


Delivery costs may be smaller if multiple items will fit in one package.


Is your van a Mk5 ? - I do have a brand new WRC bumper in stock, these are no longer available since the moulds were victim to their factory fire.

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hey mate, u still got the arches an rear bumper?

Which ones?


stoo what would the total be for a cossie bib and cyclone arches delivered?

Hi Marshy,


Prices are on the first page, postage may be able to be combined, but I'm not sure at the moment. If you decided you wanted to buy, I could find out for you.



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hi stooo, im on the orion register and just happen to drop into this forum as ia after some bits. Can you get the mk5 cossie front wings? if so how much?? and also i know its abitof a long shot but can you get theses??



Its a cosworth kit for a mk3 orion, i cant get he kit anywhere :(

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