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going too fast, and landed badly off a big jump, did this over six weeks ago :vangry:

only managed to open a packet of crisps on my own last night

this picture is the day after i got out of hospital



my wife took this when i was in hospital an hour



shattered my right wrist and broke my left, got a sore face as well, still cant drive so van bumper never got done

could be august before i get the framework off my right arm, well pissed off

i was looking forward to fordfair this year and was going to get my van beside you guys this time, its my birthday 28th july,

so just get pissed at home instead :cheers:

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thanks everybody, starting to get a bit more movement in my fingers and hands but cast is holding me back, :nutter: hoping to get it off on wednesday.

can type again and starting playing my xbox again thats been helping, but guitar hero is hard because i cant turn my wrist i have to hold it up

the same way for star power just to press the coloured buttons, been playing mario kart online as well. may be driving again for august possible for a visit to blackpool, possible return of the mushroom fiasco, will keep you upto speed tried sanding today, nearly there!!! :cheers:


How do you wank???


Hope you get better soon man... Aint there anyone near you that could drive you to ford fair?

first of all, i have a wife

second cant do homers, no extra cash to cover the fuel and living expense spent £350 last year, that includes alcohol

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How do you wank???


I was wondering how far I would have to scroll down before I saw that. :D




Get well soon fella. hope you have a speedy recovery.


Looks like your T-Shirt worked too!!! you had a 'boo-boo' on your bike, and you got returned to your wife, result! :)

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