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retrieving files from hard-drive


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the power unit has exploded in my pc. its an old computer and was looking to replace it anyway. not wanting to spend money on an out-dated computer, I was looking at ways to retrieve my files/pics etc from the hard-drive.


i have tried plugging my hard-drive into another pc as a primary and a secondary, but it wouldn't boot either way round.


connected the hard-drive to my laptop using a portable hard-drive enclosure. this allowed me to view the folders etc but cannot open the files due to "authority" issues. not sure what this means, apart from not being able to retrieve my files.


strangely I can access my Mrs' files, but not mine. is it because my user login for win XP was administrator, whereas her's is just user??


Only other option I haven't tried is to use the power unit from another PC, so i can boot mine up and either remove login passwords, or copy all files onto dvd.


If this doesn't work, does anyone haveany suggestions...?



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right what you need to do it take control of the files!


to do this do the following


i assume its windows xp?


go to tools - folder options select the view tab


(for vista press alt to find the tools button)


scroll down to the very bottom and remove the tick in the use simple file sharing box.


go to the folder you want to view


right click and select properties


select the security tab and select the advanced tab close to the bottom of the window


you should see an owner tab along the top if you select that you should see some users in there you want to go for the one you are using at the moment.


click on the user you want to change the permissions to and the click the replace owner and sub containers and objects the ok.


a small box will apper and after its gone you will be able to access it

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thanks for the reply. will have a look when I get home.


the PC is XP, the Laptop is Vista. I have been able to retrieve a couple of photos which I needed, but could only do it 1 file at a time! Need to retrieve the rest, but didn't want to do hundreds of files, 1 at a time!

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