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Rat-Look's 1st Meet


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Not a huge fan, but i've gotta say... i love how all the people with cars worth 500+ are too wussy to whack some dents in the things and go for the real "Rat" look. lol


Supprised Ast-rat wasn't there... he usually makes all rat meets :) lol





sorry off topic but omg!!!!!!! i just realised who this user is!! pmsl :roll:










LOL SORRY :innocent:


Still off topic but FECK OFF! lol had that crap all me life lol

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@ the gypo site remark


Looks like a regular EVO meet to me?



pmsl :roll:



You bumped a topic over 2 years old to say "pmsl", are you having a laugh??? :unsure:


oops, did'nt see the age, was just browsing through the archive.. was ment to quote one if the comments bit it did'nt work

forgot it bumps it up..

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When did this thread turn into a "What's your sexual orientation?" thread?


If we are playing then I might as welll....








Haha. I really couldnt find anymore words for the pictures i was looking at. Just my opinion, rat look = sh!t look. Dont get it. If you've got a crap car just except it, dont make it rusty and spray/sticker stuff all over it. I'd rather strip it, roll cage it and banger it. Much better IMO


I like how a topic can be so old and remain on page one of a subforum


Not exactly much else going on though lol

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