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Blackpool meet 09

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Was a good meet with a good turn out and lovely weather all day.

Me and Danposs got to the meet point at around 12 and we were met by Noel (scortpower) after his very long 2 minute trip around the corner. shortly after everyone else started rolling up (Mr.Nick, Peewee, mikeW, doinkmilll, GazSi, some one in a black gti (sorry didnt get your name and lastly liamGTR). Bit of talking and picture taking happened and then Liam and Dan started wasting away so we decided to follow Noel to a close by restaurant that wasn't so stupidly priced, and no one got lost at all and we definitely did not have to go looking for them as they drove down every wrong road possible :pancake:

So we all had our lunch and then headed off to the beach for a little play in the sand, Liam was impressed by the "real" sand, after letting him build a sand castle with his new bucket and spade we headed back to the cars and all tried to get past the stupidly high speed bump. we headed off towards the tower and parked up, (a few people had gone by this point) so me, Dan, Noel, Nick, Mike and Liam wondered road the front for a bit and went into some arcades.

On the way back to the cars we passed a crazy golf course so decided we'd do that before we all left to get back to the various places that he had come from. I clearly won with the highest number of hits :innocent:

All in all I would say a good day was had by all.

now for the pictures:




















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Off to the beach















Liam building his sand castle









Off to the arcades







On the way home




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My side of things!:


First of all was glad to finally put faces to names(and so you could put one to mine) and attend my first EVO meet....albeit a 400 mile round trip! :pancake:


I started off with picking hungover "A-ron"...as you's call him, up and dropping him off home they leaving for about 10:00am. As I was leaving the SatNav arrival time just kept going up and up and ended up being the last one to arrive at 13:10! Sorry everyone!


Was good to meet everybody, all a friendly bunch who kindly listened to a certain 1,2 sorry I had to tell ;) and sorry for not saying bye to those that we left at the Red Lion I just presumed you were going to follow suit...which was actually lucky you didn't...because after we got lost and finally found our way to the 2nd pub we caught the LAST LAP OF THE F1 WHICH I WAS GOING TO WATCH NOW AND TOTALLY SPOILT IT FOR ME!!! ;(


All the cars looks good just a shame I wish mine wasn't covered in buugs when I arrived and Dan...the stickers definitely are alot nicer in person!


I believe I was victorious at crazy golf? And Matt was victorious at being the 1st ever perso nto take a strop whilst playing crazy golf :lol: Mike was too tight to pay so got a freebie, Dan was the score man/organise, and Nick was....well basically he wasn't good enough....sorry mate but 2nd place just doesn't cut it ;) haha


I will definitely be joining EVO either tonight or tomorrow (how long does verification take?) and will definitely be up for some more meets, anytime! Nice seeing you all and hope to speak to you's again soon.


And before I forget...I filled up at 9:30am this morning before I set off...and when I went BACK to the same petrol station tonight when I got home at around 22:00 the same guy was behind the counter still!!! That's dedication right there!


Oh...and it's Liam by the way Matt :) lol - Will post what small amount of pics I took when Aaron sticks them on his laptop (or he can post them if he wants?).


I would have got home easiler aswell, but after catching up to Dan I then had to slow down to let Dan have his little bit of fun before turning off but then got swiftly on my way :pancake:

P.S. Who the Fcuk is Martin!?


Damn!! I wanted rolling pictures but by the time I seen you's it was too dark!! :( :( Stupid SatNav got me lost for a good 10-15 mins in Blackpool!

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And Matt was victorious at being the 1st ever person to take a strop whilst playing crazy golf :lol:


i did not have a strop i was quite clearly trying to throw that ball in the damn hole, and i didnt get 12 hits because you can only get 10 :vangry:

No we decided to make a 10 hole limit after you got a 12...y'no...to give you atleast some hope! :pancake:

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Good we got some pics up! I had a boss day, decent weather, decent place, decent people! Had an all round good laugh too, hoping to see you guys at another meet soon! (sort it dan :thumb:)


My day kinda started like, i got ready and then just left around 11ish, using the satnav to guide me (piece of crap) as it told me to turn off the m6 in a random place then moaned at me for turning off?! then further up, it eventually got me to blackpool, and to Devonshire Road.. (which is a road that actually doesnt end).. after about 20 or so minutes on the road, i decided to ask someone where the pub was, as they ran past and told me which i didnt actually hear, i got lost again until i found the pub, pulled round the side and there was dan who said "oi, no carpark space there, get it on the other side" lol.


Later on, eventually everyone turned up, had a chat, a laugh an then went in search of food.. which was drastic.


Dan, Liam, Gaz, Mike all pulled away, leaving me, peewee, doinkmill and bronze4door behind,

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so as i waited, doinkmill quickly caught up, and as we got to the end of the carpark and saw everyone drive off, the traffic came, took ages to pull out, and when we did, we couldnt see anyone, so a bit further up the road, we eventually saw them down a side street we just passed, ended up going down some back roads trying to find them, then we thought we lost them, took some random turns, then we got to the front and saw them, quickly caught up and followed them (mike, gaz, liam, me, doinkmill) but we had lost Dan.. after many u turns and mini roundabouts, we found them,an parked up! had some lunch and went on the beach, btw, did anyone see martin? or was anyone looking as we cant find him! Liam built a sandcastle :thumb: and we went on our way to the tower, after much walking round and a very noisey multi storey, we went on the pier and round the arcades, (liam i would have beaten you but there werent enough holes to warm up on :beer:) fter that we all decided to head our seperate ways. got stuck in the


multistorey as the machine was broken (saved me some money :thumb:) we then went our ways down a big hill which my handbrake clearly worked.. then again everyone split up and i came home.


And they all lived happily ever after in 3posts... No seriously though, awesome time out, good to meet you! good first evo meet! :thumb:

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