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my 2.3 si


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well guys she's running!!!!!!!


went down today with


1 x 70a 670cca battery


1 x diesel starter motor


1 x new cables for my starter loom.




she spun like there was no load on it and fired straight up....its currently running on the standard ecu.....but with fitting an afr gauge i got paranoid as it was of the scale lean so i turned it off after 2 minutes...was getting late so packed up for tonight...


also made my custom throttle cable bracket...simple really.




anyway big smiles all round...

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well bust my nut today,after basically stripping the engine mid week as i had low oil pressure,and having a million things to do,i ve got her half decent for my first local show tomorrow,still got loads on the list but im happy,running on the standard ecu for the moment so no full throttle as i dont like my afr gauge showing lean lol.first wash since september last year.


couple of new bits....aem afr gauge and a cupra r splitter.



















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I can't think of a better looking car on this site (well, a better looking Ford :P).


cheers Sid,funny enough in the show today I saw a lovely t plate black s4.


Looks great bongo, see you've got your pop outs fitted too :D where's the gauge holder from?

cheers mate.

Gauge holder is a cheaply Chinese £2.50 which I've cut and hot glued into the scowling.


its a shame rly. Hence why theyre going super cheap or up for swaps


mmmm May do a deal we'll see


Looking spot on :thumb:

Cheers Lee.

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