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my 2.3 si


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Are you gonna be on the same club stand as last year dude?

Well worth the walk to see it in the flesh if you are Bongo. :thumb:  :thumb:

Respect and regards Andy

No mate,I'm showing with rs2000 16v club.on the concrete by the pits.

No mate I'm on the concrete behind concourse with the rs2000 16v club.

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Im not about here much these days, but i just popped by to say how much i love this!!!


I saw it at RS Combe and it looks perfect :wub:


Keep up the good work! :thumb:

Cheers mate,I did notice your focus aswell,looked really clean.

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how she is at the mo.......16" superleggeras and standard bonnet back on and standard brakes in a bid to find a brake judder problem (found problem) although the tyres are 195 40 16 its drives soo much better and acceleration is much better,i have a hill be me which people call the "ski slope" basically its the test for a car lol,fastest ive got out of it so far is 94-95 mph up it,today on the 16's ....104-105mph mind is definately made up now,and ill be changing to 205's as there's not much grip on these lol.


got my standard bumper out aswell so that could be going back on.

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Why you swap the bonnet back?? And why would you swap the evotech?? Getting bored of it? I know you've had it a long time.

Dunno mate,just fancied a change,I'm not selling them so they can go back on at any time,just feeling the oem look at the mo.

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Good man!


cheers louis,yeah oem for a while me thinks.

Because the bonnet looks better this way! Not feeling the new wheels tho man

cheers scott,the bonnet is marmite even to me,sometimes i like it others not thats why i picked up another bonnet,so i got a choice :)

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