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my 2.3 si


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Still looking great, I like the 16's although in anthracite/dark grey might look better (imo)

I remember taking the 17s of my old Si and feeling the difference in steering and road holding with 15" rs2k wheels.

cheers louis,think the evotech and morettes need to go back on though and the brembos. different colours though. for next year that is.

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well these are the last 2 pictures of her from 2014 on the last outing on the 31st,now sitting in the garage till next year,few things to sort,like pressure build up in fuel tank,got to fit the brembos behind the 16's,after some piper 300 cams,then possibly fit my megasquirt and a general tidy up.



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fitted my stack gauges in a revotech pillar pod,not really happy with the pod but we'll see,so that means im putting my heater controls back in they're original position but its hard remembering how things fix lol.also couldn't take it anymore lol.





got a few thing to fit....



new rear discs...

rear beam polybushes....

new genuine gbox mount....

new gen bottom arms.....

 and hopefully try and fit my wilwood 4 pots.

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