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my 2.3 si


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i think ive finally finished,im happy that the car looks half decent for rs day,jobs done...


painted front wheels

painted front calipers

painted tow eye

fitted new rear mud flaps

and flatted and polished my boot after spraying it last week lol.















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Looking very nice mate :D


starting to look similar to mine aswell :P


cheers fella :cheers:


cars looked like this for the 2 years ive owned it,ive just added small things to it and changed the colour on a couple of things :thumb:



lol fair do's mate :P


Ive only had my white escort since december '09 but ive had my green cailpers since last summer as i fitted them to by silver escort


but ive like what you've done with her mate :thumb: little bit jealous of how shiny you got the paint work aswell :drool: lol

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