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f150 Chop


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Hey people,


Apparently, you can not get alloys re-chromed in the UK due to the cost or something like that, so I am looking for a different finish..


They are kerbed & the chrome is peeling off one alloy so they need some attention.


Can someone be so kind as to, chop the wheels into Anthricite & also to chop them into a normal alloy finish?


here are some shots:


This is the only decent picture I have of mine:




but here are some off google:






This one seems the best to use:




Really appreciate any help you guys can give me. or if you can find somewhere in the UK that DOES DO CHROME. I will appreciate that too. :cheers:

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Sorry can't photoshop for toffee, I will say however don't go dark it'll make the wheels appear smaller which won't be a good look on a wagon that size :thumb:


Cheers fella :thumb: I don't really want to go dark, just wondered, also, I don't really want them painted standard either, but it seems hard to find a Chrome refurber (sp) in the UK, but I am going to ring Custom Chrome today. :)

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