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The Big Silver SI Breaking Thread


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OK lets start things off, my location is Carnforth, near Lancaster (J35 M6).


Car that is being broken:












4 Point Sparco Harness in red - £40 Posted




3 Point Sparco Harness in red - £30 Posted




Side Bump Strips (In silver, ok condition, one part will need respraying, not a problem as it wont take long to sand down and respray) - £20 posted




Silver Si Spoiler - £20 collected




Head Unit Surround (in black, used to fit a single DIN head unit in a doubles space) - £10 posted


Koni Adjustable Suspension with Eibach Springs (lowers -35mm, comes with adjusting knob, these will really transform your cars handling, best mod I have did to my Escort) - £160 collected


RS Ream Beam, Fully Polybushed With Anti Roll Bar (discs and pads still have plenty of life) - £150 collected


Braided Hoses (these have been custom made to fit mk5 RS2000 front and rear callipers to a mk6) - £40 posted


Mk6 Wing Mirrors in Silver - £25 posted


RS2000 Front Callipers - £20 posted


Zetec Rocker Cover (painted in anthracite) - £15 posted


Full Si Interior (as you would expect, the front door cards have carpeted pockets and the rear seat have head rests) - £70 collected


RS2000 Alloy Wheels x5 (painted in anthracite, 3 have good tyres (two of which are Toyo Proxies), two will need replacing soon if not now. I do have 4 center caps but only 3 are colour coded, however they look better off) - £130 collected


Puma Interior Door Handles (brushed aluminium) - £12 posted


Mk6 Dash Surround (black) - £12 posted


1x Rear fog light swith

1x Electric window and boot release switch

1x Rear demister switch

- £4 each posted


Six Speed Wiper Stalks (with relay) - £20 posted


Pipercross Oil Breather - £15 posted


Smoked Peugeot 206 Side Repeaters - £7 posted


Laguna Sunglasses Holder (I have 2 of these) - £5 each posted


Powerflex Polybush Exhaust Hanger (used, but still good) - £7 posted


Mk6 Clock (white faced) - £7 posted


Mk6 Dash Cluster (white dials) - £22 posted


Air Feed 'Trumpets' (I have two of these that I used as air feeds to replace the inner lamps on morettes) - £10 each posted








RS Grille - £50 posted - SOLD


Ford Front Upper Strut Brace - £45 posted - SOLD


Sparco Rear Strut Brace (Originally for a mk5, extra holes drilled to fit mk6) - £55 Posted - SOLD


GTI Side Skirts (In silver, with all jacking covers, there are some scratches to the bottom of these, but you cant see them when they are fitted) - £25 Collected - SOLD


Mk6 Rear Bumper with Spats (In silver, good condition) - £25 Collected - SOLD


Front Bumper (fogged, in silver, fitted with laguna splitter and 'cut out' fog light blanking plates) - £25 collected - SOLD


Pipercross Cone Filter (originally from a 2.0 Volvo, has a black silicon hose so that it fits to an Si) - £30 posted - SOLD


Aluminium Custom Made Air Box (designed to work with the above air filter, but can fit others, helps stop warm air getting to the filter) - £20 posted - SOLD




Any questions then please PM me or post up on here. :)

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just plenty bubble wrap be fine :) stone chips all little and sand out ok etc?


If you pay for the bubble wrap then I guess I can.


how much for the exhaust dan?


It's fooked, hence why not on the list, its only a back box, if you want it, your welcome to collect for free.

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