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Cheap Escort


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Hi All,


Basically, i'm hatching a plan whereby i swap all the good bits from my Escort Si onto another Escort thats done less miles, the heaters work, the inside doesnt smell like a wet dog (amoung other reasons) etc etc. So what i'm after is a cheap Escort, maybe one that needs a few bits doing to it. Or a boggo one that i can swap all the good si bits onto.


Also, if anyones got one they were/are breaking with a few bits missing that MIGHT be a possibility too, but i dont want to get into some massive long project or anything.


So, what you got? :thumb:


Location is Hertford by the way so if you're in Scotland or something then its not going to happen.


Like i said its only a plan, just thinking about my options.


Cheers guys and gals.

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