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For some reason no matter what age/spec/size Escort I put ito CompareTheMarket it's coming back with £1064 TPFT with my 1 NCB on a previous vehicle doing 10k a year


Dunno what's up but I damn wish I had money for a 1.8 GTI right now and insurance was due! :nutter:


pmsl. must be a glitch mate. if only you had the money

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My bad, yea was a glitch, for some reason it thought whatever I put in was a Encore model i.e. 1.4 encore or if I put in a 1.6 it came up 1.6 Encore...


On a good note though, I now know that I can get a 1.6 Encore 3 door for the same insurance as my current 1.4 5 door


Now just need somebody to do me a staight swap :baby:

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