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Original Ford "3000 Traffic" tape player


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Does anyone still want these? Getting room re-decorated (since it is still the same as when aaron lived init all those moons ago!)


And found it in the back of the wardrobe...I know people will say "keep it for when you sell the car" but to be fair if somebody is only half tempted by my car, if I ever sell it!...a old 3000 traffic tape player isn't going to sway the deal... :pancake:


I'll say £30 posted for forum rules, but i'll listen to sensible offers :thumb:


Location = South Shields - Inbetween Newcastle & Sunderland


I don't have the code at the minute but i'm sure I can get it off somebody from here if you want me to.


Picture (not mine - but exactly the same in the same good condition):


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