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The last bits from my car


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ok so ive almost sold the lot from my car, theres a few bits left id like to get rid off so i can weigh it in unless someone wants a 5door shell (currently prov sold). they are as follows;


*mods feel free to delete all my other for sale threads as all items now in here, thanks*


4.25 inch universal backbox, needs a clean *£30 posted* -prov sold



Custom lower arms - for a -60mm front drop, resets the camber back to factory standard, to improve handling and stop inner tyre/lower arm wear. Shortened by 15mm *45 posted*





20mm wheel spacers x2 with adaptors and 8x 67mm 'ford rally' extended studs x8, ideal for spacing the rear wheels on a mk6 to sit flush. *£30 posted*





honey combe grills mk6 *£7 posted*



2x boxed 'JL' subs. 2x Alpine amps, middle one gone. comes with complete wiring kit. These subs are 800watt and they are the loudest i have ever heard trust me they are f**king HENCH. can be heard on the phone if needed. I belive they cost over a grand new about 4 years ago. *£160 collected* also will come with 2x fusion 7x7 and 4 other speakers and a box full of wires



This rear bumper *£10 collected* need repaint

Half tints *£25 posted*

DTM Backbox *35 posted*

3x black finesse wheels with 4x smoothed center caps *£10 collected* need repaint



Mk5 RS2000 Bulge bonnet and grill w/ black ford logo w/ yellow lettering. Panther black. bonnet has no rust or scratches, near mint. *£100 posted the pair or £80 collected*

Also Mk5 RS2000 front bumper w/ unvented splitter *65 posted*

(will do deal on the lot)



Mk5 RS2000 Wheels. I have 5, 4 center caps. there 15 inch and got 195/45/15 and 5 tyres like new. last owner polished them up look nice. 2x goodyear tyres 3x budget, reduced at *£130 collected*




can see the spare in this photo also another look at the bumper



XR3i sill protectors *£20 posted*



1.6 16v zetec engine, 98k, skimmed head, new cambelt and timing kit, waterpump etc, receipts to prove service history and 1.6 gearbox *£60* collected. air induction kit not included. new rad.



W reg finesse interior complete 5 door 1 dodgy rear doorcard and 1 fag burn in rear. seat covers included if you want *10 collected* good nick


adjustable fuel pressure regulator with guage for 1.6/1.8 zetec also included is a genuine fse boost valve for 1.6/1.8 zetec rrp over £100 *£25 posted* with all fitings


Mk6 RS2000 exhaust center section, no backbox, no holes or major rust *£10 collected*


Ghia maplight *£5 posted*


Panther black mk6 GTi spoiler, one small dent *25 posted*


Mk6 RS2000 front brakes, 260mm discs and calipers. pads nearly new.Fit any escort *£35 posted £15 collected*


panther black door handles x4*£15 psoted*


new mk6 front wing o\s *£20 posted*


Think thats it....anything else you want from interior like steering wheel handles dash gear surround etc i will do for £1 each plus postage. also panels



Collection is welcome on all items and will knock it down a bit, located in Devon, near exeter. feel free to ring me daytimes on 07912506085. -matt

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