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dont know if anyone can help but here goes!.......


My escort van has got a 2.0zetec turbo fitted! the only problem is that its stopped working...

for some reason when you try and turn the engine over to start it, the plugs dont spark properly and seem really weak (sometimes theres no spark at-all). Ive checked and replaced the coil pack - no change- checked all the loom and theres no breaks onr bare wires! crank sensor is brand new!

the thing is that the van is running a cossie L6 ecu and im wondering if that could be at fault!? if anyone has any ideas id really be gratefull as its doing my head in now! :vangry: :censored:



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get a pic up ov it , if its 4x4 on zetec then would help to get a look how its in there , might give us a clue,


did it stop runnin?? or stop starting? play up before it stoppped?,


a comon problem with conversions i find is the live used to run the ecu shuts off when you turn to start the car so the car sparks a lil bit then stops etc,.

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Do you mean a single coil or coil pack (eg wasted spark/distributorless)?


Also, what's 4x4 about it?



its got a wasted spark kit mate! and the van has had a 4x4 convertion!


What 4x4 setup is it running out of interest?


Did anything change before it started playing up? Like.. you just fitted the waster spark kit?

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