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Cheap Auto for Charity fun run £250 limit


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im after a cheap auto with mot till at least begin of july,condition needs to be average and ideally the car needs to be escort size and reliable


this is for CHARITY


my dad is organising a charity fun run ( like scally rally ) for east coast truckers and they have a limit of £250 to spend on a car, but as my mum can only drive auto their team car needs to be auto


there is also chances of sponsership from the dealers


ie graphics on the car as they need to raise plenty of money.


EAC will be sponsering the car with graphics to and ill be doing a collection for sponsership when they start this


all im waiting for is this tbc and then we can go from there.


the proposed date is witsern week ( half term i do belive )


if anyone wants to enter a team PLEASE PM ME ABOUT IT and il speak to my dad to see how we go about it etc im pretty sure the more teams the merrier but you will need passposrts as last i saw they were routing it through italy


so basically if you know of anyone selling cheap or spot a cheap 1 on ebay please psot below

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