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Activists declare war on leather at biker bash


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As i'm a biker i know how impartant my leathers are to me so i say well done to the bikers. Everyone is entitled to there own opinion but they did go to an event where they were not envited to so there own fault really.



invited or not isnt really the issue, going by the article it sounded more like a "everyone welcome" type of deal.


its the fact the idiots turned up with the intention of causing nothing but hassle to an otherwise peaceful event, I personally think they should be grateful they were still breathing afterwards.............and Id have curled one off on his forehead rather than just gut gassing him.


funniest thing Ive heard in a long while,


when will these people understand the proven concept of the food chain :rolleyes:

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looks like it's fake, did a quick search and this popped up


Stranger than fiction? Well, actually it is fiction, posted on an Onion-like satire site called Glossy News. Check it out here.



Pity really, Can't stand PETA extremists type


the only peta I'll ever support are People for the Eating of Tasty Animals

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