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New Evo Web Server!


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Dear All,


Over the next month we are investing in bringing the clubs server hardware up to date. We are having brand new web-server built which should be online within 48 hours.


We are carrying out this essential upgrade in preparation for our new website system. The new server will increase performance and storage space and provide more opportunities for online membership privileges.


In the next month we will be setting up the new server and will begin transferring the EVO website to it.


We will be posting time-frames and schedules for the transfer within the next month.



Stuart Silvester

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I don't anticipate much down time, probably an hour or two providing it all goes to plan



an hour or two???????? :unsure:


<opens ebay>




<search words...."prozac"....."anti-anxiety drugs">



.......... what???



........ just incase I cant cope!!

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Cant wait for this to happen, nice shiney server for stoo to play with lol.

What sort of membership changes can we expect?

We still have to think about what would be realistic, one possibility is removing a limit of 3 images for car profiles etc.


haha, that's a rough estimate, I think realistically we would be looking at 15 minutes, but just incase !

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problem is, i think the old members garage needs a serious revamp, its a bit um.....dated - even though you request members to update there profiles etc, not many actually do :unsure:



or cant........... Ive repeatedly tried to update my cars pics and it seemed to go through everytime but nothing changed :blink:

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