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Which do you think is better?


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Nope white spoiler will ruin it.

If you have black ford stripes go for black wheels. Although I've never seen white stripes and wheels? ;)


EDIT: Here is sifox's old motor:


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What if I had white wheels and white spoiler? Or would that look a bit naff?


Also have some black ford stripes to go on, would that look good with the white wheels?


White spoiler doesn't suit, but there are other bits to do white.

I had my mirrors, door handles, rear sails, boot trim and numberplate light in white. not got a pic of it with white wheels as well though.


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I say Red & black.....


I had a black Corsa D & I went black & red, it just works so well together. :thumb:




Not much to show, but you may be able to see what I mean, Red badges on mudflaps, obviously the usual red lights, they work well with the black.....


It did also have red drums & calipers, but I don't have a picture of them, The car is dead now anyway. :tired:

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