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any info on bike throttle bodies plz


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i have a 1.8 zetec and would like info(a guide if possiable) on fitting throttle bodies,i have been told gsxr 600-750 or r1 bodies, andwould like to kno which manifold to use,i also have been looking into mega squirt as well im doing this conversion for power gains along with other mods not just for looks and was on another site and the set up was to me wrong? any help plz....
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First of all, decide if you want throttle bodies (eg fuel injection) or bike carbs (eg not electronic fuel injection).


Assuming you do mean TB's:


On a stock 1.8 engine, don't expect more than an honest 145-150bhp from such a conversion.


You want to choose TB's that give you the following :-


- Ability to space them out to match the zetec inlet port centres


- Ability to just about flow the amount of air you need (so around 36-38mm will suffice for the power above)



With regards to manifold, you're best to get something custom fabricated. Clean port transitions are very important with this kind of conversion. Any steps, gaskets, or dodgy rubber hoses in the path will reduce your power. There's a company called 'bogg brothers' who do these kinds of conversions and I believe they make manifolds. Whether or not they do them to the right spec or not I do not know. The TB should be as close to the inlet valve as possible, with the remainder of the intake tract being comprised of a suitable runner and trumpet. You'll want around 18 inches from inlet valve to trumpet inlet ideally for the engine speeds you're looking at (6500rpm max), which is pretty hard to package in an Escort without some drastic mods to the scuttle panel.


And importantly is the fabrication of some kind of air box. You'll see any professional car installation (race or production) will use an air box with ITB's. Just loook at any old BTCC setups or BMW M cars.


Your original fuel pump should be fine at these power levels.



It's not really practical to write up a step by step guide on how to do it as every package is different and there's an awful lot involved.

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