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garage clear out


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Trying to get all the crap out the garage to make room for new crap and stuff coming off car in march :D


atm i have available the following:


1 x ghia grill £5

1 x pair headlight with elec levelling and upgrade bulbs £35

1 x 4-2-1 decat manifold - needs tidying up - £35

1 x GTI spoiler, ready for painting £10

1 x straight through stainless twin exit (2" tips) universal rear silencer £35

1 x original ford radio cassette player with code and 6 cd changer (with cartridge and cables) £35

1 x pair mondeo callipers and carriers £10

1 x pair new mondeo discs and pads (260mm vented) £30

1 x ghia leather wrapped steering wheel (4 spoke design) £20

1 x white backed dash clock with ford logo £5

1 x Rover 220GSI spoiler (currently British Racing Green), offered up to my escort and looks a good fit - £10


all prices are based on collection. please either PM or text me for shipping details (pref text as i have internet problems atm)





p.s. pics available on request, just tell me what and send e-mail address

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Got a pic of the manifold mate?




You're not him :roll:


Is that an Ashley?

that is the manifold though :P

i don't know what brand it is tbh, came with cat back system i got and as my car has aircon that i intend to keep it wont really work well. as i said, needs tidying up. i would tidy it up myself and sell it for more but i have the 16's to refurb, skirts to repair and paint etc and just no time. if i still have it after i do the work on the car i will refurb it myself then sell it for £80 on ebay.

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how much for manifold posted

postage is £20. as your a nice guy and sold me some lovely wheels at a good price, £50 all in - need to get some more bubble wrap at £5.89. shame you didnt read i was selling this before i came and collected the wheels really :P

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