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NEEDED QUICKLY - exhaust U-clamps


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anyone got some knocking about spare after upgrading their exhaust?


I clipped a particularly high new speed hump down the road from mine and it snapped one clamp clean off and stripped the thread clean off another.


could get some measurements of my exhaust bore to be precise but at a guess the stated sizes are pretty accurate afaik


need em pronto so overnight courier would be a huge bonus (obviously I dont mind paying for the privilage) as it stands my mid box to backbox section is now loose and the backbox doesnt even have a clamp so wont last long before it blows itself off :rolleyes:

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get a lift to a garage and give them afew quid for some clamps



Cant be doing that, missus is away at her mums so Im sorting my little lad till she gets back, for reasons I wont bother going into that essentially leaves me housebound without my car :unsure:

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