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BMW 325i SE E36 £500 Bargain


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You'll need to post a price I believe.


Also, what time machine did you use to get the service in October 2010? ;)



Now Priced at £500 as the rear subframe has broken. Cant afford to get it fixed, need rid.


And typing error on service it was done by previous owner in Oct 2009.

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im not an expert on bmws but when i had a look tues nite, it appears the bit around diff thats broke. whether the diff housing can be taken away from the subframe itself is something im not too sure on.


One second, I know what this will be. I've seen it before.


I'll be back with some info.


It's mega-unlikely that the rear subframe is damaged (although it is possible that it can come away from the chassis if the chassis is rotten).


Much more likely is:



The diff mountings, which are part if the diff casing snap where the red squiggles are. I've seen this a few times. It'll make a hell of a knocking, but is driveable at low speeds. The new part retails at about $80 new from BMW, or new to fcuk all from the scrappy.

Does the above look familiar?


Hope this helps.

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sidrick - yes mate i think your on the right track there. but il have to have a look in daylight to make sure. i replaced a diff bolt 3 days after buying it n thats what i thort had gone again, but when i got it home it was the metal surround this that has broken. ive been told it is very unlike the subframe to break as they are meant to be very strong. we will see tomoro. cheers agen mate


wayne t - yes its lowered on springs. not sure what make or size the fella. heres my number 07854 310250 text me or ring me when you wana come view it.

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