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northern meet

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As titile for this year iam looking at having a few more meets up north as iam gettin fed up of goin down south lol :roll:


i have been to a nice local pub up in barnsley wich is know as the monky pub wich is situated on house carr lane / more end lane post code according to auto route is S75 4 IT DOESNT GIVE ME THE REST!!!!! :nutter: The local ford owners club also has a regular meet here and its a nice pint!!!! lol also freshly cooked food not any of this pre cooked normal pub stuff is available if enough interest is shown i will get hold of a menu. but i must stress that food is brought in especialy as its such a small pub so any food wich is to be had will have to paid in full before the meet via pay pal as neither myself or any body wants to be out of pocket. wich i thinks fair. failing this you can always bring your own lol i was looking at the weekend of march 13th i dont think this clashes with any thing but if it does pls inform me via here or pm.

many thanx :cheers:




me (stoney) steak and chips

Stoney Snr ? ( my dad )( depends if he is fishing! )( does any one want carp and chips?????? )

projectrs2k steak and chips



maxwax27 and his other half! :thumb:

Plusone steak and chips


you little turd ( escort 2f2f )and his other half marinated pigeon and chips for 2 plus a bottle of bog water:thumb:

Ross pie and chips!!

Kris gamon

ESCORT-X4GC ( Maybe) ( or maybe not )


Mr. Nick ( pm to remind )


Gaz-td (pm to remind to half inch some diesel on the friday night ) :roll:



be carful here guy and gals if all turn up thats ment to so far. Then we are going to have more people at this meet than was a Trax in 2009!!!! :roll:


Big thanx to everyone who is going to attend! :thumb: my number just incase you guys get lost is 07790969465


and for the people who already have my number dont change it this is my old number wich iam using for event !!! :cheers:





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im up for that never bin to a meet yet so would like to goto one local as im only though miles away....



your more than welcome as i would like as many people to come and its good to meet new people. will put your name down matey!!! :thumb:


do wanna come duffa or you just spamin? if so could you pls spam some were else :cheers:


ah up m8 yer ill go too


added :thumb:


il be up for that and the misses


added :thumb: cheers lads and lasses!!! the more the merrier :cheers:

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