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Newbie here


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Hi all, i'm new here


I'm Matt, from sunny Scunthorpe


Ive been a Fiesta fan up until i crashed my track weapon/ daily drive RS1800 just before Xmas and then i got a standard mk6 estate as a run aroud till i found a good fiesta shell so i could re-shell the RS


Anyways, as with all runabouts it didn't stay standard for long. Its now is lowered 50mm all round, has Rs2000 rims refurbed in fiat grey, Rs2000 front brakes

Mk5 skirts, rubstrips removed, dvd headunit and a sub thrown in the boot.


All in all ive forgotten about fiestas for a bit and love my escort bus for some strange reason!!

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welcome to EVO fella :cheers: pics of motors please :D


I'll put some of the bus in the members soon.


But heres a few of the previous cars:


My first fiesta, I400 cvh flight. spent a bloody fortune on it and owned it for over 4 years







Then i had my Mk5 cabby XR3i 130 for a bit of summer fun whilst the fiesta had some more work, then ended up likeing it too so spent a small fortune on it too!










Then they both went to make way for the RS, owned it for a year until..........








..........this happened!




So thats my car history!

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