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Side Repeater


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Sorry Liam but I feel the need to embelish on your description


pop them out with a flat head while scraping big gouges out of the surrounding paintwork due to the fact that theyve never been removed before and your screwie keeps slipping, unplug them or more precisely yank on the plug cos its 15yrs old and wont have any of it, take bulb out... hope you bite your nails cos even the slightest length to them will see you twang one, put it in new indicator, plug new indicator in, clip back into place....though tbf you'll likely need to double sided tape them back on as the plastics deteriated over the years and during your screwdriver paint gouging episode the clip likely snapped.


They should be plug and play really

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Looks like I got lucky then as i;m sure when Aaron done mine they were plug and play, not even a minute job



joys of owning a "R" reg Liam.


by the time you get to the M's and N's "plug and play" things are now "glued on with years of grime" things :pancake:

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