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A new beginning with a bad start

fresh dfm

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Hi guys, Bin a while since iv bin on evo due to internet cock ups and overworked during the day so first all although i highly doubt anyone remembers me anyway i wanna say its good to be back and hello to all the helpful people i met last time i was on and any new people.


My cars still the same not much has changed other than keeping it as tidy as poss here and there but ill kick off with my MOT faliures:


1) ABS light is on - This happened when my rear bearing exploded! lol so im guessing it could be the sensor got wiped out??


2) Offside screen obstructed (sunstrip easy fix)


3) Nearside screen obstructed (sunstrip easy fix)


4) Rear registration plate light not working


5) Advice please - rear nearside indicator affected by other bulbs e.g when my indicators on my breaklights/ reverselights/ neighbours lights/ fridge lights/ streetlights (u name it they flash) all at the same time lol. Now this started happining when i noticed the water was being drained into the back of my light (fixed that straight away) but all the light contacts were corroded so cleaned them all up filed the rust off but it still happens. Iv bin suggested a bad earth so i will clean that up this weekend but are there any other common causes of this?


6) offside headlamp aimed too low


7) iv had my centerbox removed from my exhaust and welded straight through (sounds sooo nice) but missing a bracket now


8) nearside seatbelt anchorage prescribed area excessively corroded (anyone got any pics of this area????) - getting sorted but not myself so would still like to see what part this is


9) offside seatbelt anchorage prescribed area excessively corroded


10)Emmisions carbon monoxide content @3089 rpm = 0.53% aka fail.


Advisories - front window tints and small chip in screen could turn into crack.




Lots to play with - how much do you hate it when people say is the car really worth it?? its an escort GTi of course it f*****g is!!



Look foward to hearing from you all...












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nice looking car mate. love the wheels too.


simple bit to check with rear lights, take the bulb holder from other side, plug it in and see if it works normally. if it does then you need new bulb holder (for which i have a spare and can send you for cost postage). if it still doesnt work then water got in the connector off the loom and is shorting that out. easiest is to cut it off and solder on a new one.


seat belt anchorage area is where there cannister reel for the front seat belts mount. usually part of the sill, cant remember on escort as thats one part of mine that wasn't holier than the pope :P

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LOL ill get back to you with news on the light mate ill have a go at it tomorrow after work and see if i can fix it but thanks, also bin debaiting about taking the raisers off since day one just never really known whether to or not might have a vote lol any more replies do me a favour and state keep or loose the raisers :cheers:
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