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broke down


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my escort 18 zetec wouldnt start after work on monday , the lights and everything were working but the starter didnt even click of spin up. it bumped started fine. so i got a mate to change the starter for a good second hand one i had and its been fine to work and back so far this week but i only work 2.5 miles away. went out tonight and done about 4 miles and it seemed like the lights were dull when i started it but carried on then the engine started running rough and cut out. the battery is flat now. any ideas? im skint as so hoping its a easy fix? im thinking battery or alternator? all wiring looks fine. sorry loads of text!
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got 5 volts at alternator when running. there is no ignition live to the alternator. where to look next?



5 volts???


when the engines running????


At the altie points it should be pumping out 14+ while running and throwing back 12+ when not running (only as the alternator is technically simply wired directly to the battery)


my money is on the altie being dead

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