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1998 Escort Estate 1.6 CL Clutch Ratchet Problem

The Badger

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Hi all


My clutch ratchet quadrant has snapped, I have stripped pedals down and I am in the process of rebuilding it all, I have got the pedals back but there is a spring that needs to go back on. I have got the haynes manual and it is useless for this task as it only gives you an exploded diagram of pre '95 ratchets, which are self-adjusting, mine has the allen bolt to manually adjust it.


The problem is the spring flew off and smacked me on the nose before I could see where it connects to, it looks like it hooks onto the quadrant then to the back of the pedal box somewhere, my questions:


A) Does it go this way around?


B) If it does go this way round how the hell do you get it on with the pedal and which way round does it need to be?


C) If it doesn't go this way round, which way round does it go?


I have tried to fit pedal, quadrant and spring as one, as it seems you can't get to the hole on the quadrant once the pedal and quadrant are on, but the spring just gets in the way and I can't get the pedal anywhere near the hole for the connecting rod!!


I have removed the seat, fuse/relay box and some of the dash for ease of access, please bear in mind I am 6 foot 4 inch and weigh 24 stones so i'm not exactly a double jointed ballerina!!!! lol


Any help and/or pics with this would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks in advance



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I have the pedals re-installed and i'm trying to get the bar all the way through, I have got it through to the last bit on the pedal box but can't get it any further, I have made sure the "D" is all aligned but still nothing, I have tried tapping with a hamster, (hammer!), I have tried a pry bar but can't get it all the way through!


Am I missing something or do I just need to percivere? I have spent 2 hours already trying and i'm getting a little p****d off with it now!! :nutter:





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Cheers Kev


I'v greased up the bar and tried wiggling the pedals but nothing, I gues i'll just have to percivere.


It just seems odd that it went all that way without any problems and then at the end it just won't budge, that "quick" re-build this morning has gone right outta the window!! lol


Always the case!! :nutter:

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