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New mondeo problems


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i have a MAY 08 Titanium x and i am having a few problems with it and i was wondering if anybody here has one and if they have had any probs.


No.1 auto lights problems and active lights problem after 2 months

No. 2 turbo whine, mentioned it at 40K service and Ford said not to worry but continually getting worse.

No. 3 this last two weeks the PS has continually got heavy and if turning right into side roads or parking space under heavy braking it goes completely, Nearly took out my own gate post on tuesday night


Rang into ford on wednesday and informed them about PS and they said to bring it in on tuesday next week and asked what milage i said 59,150 and then i was informed if it was over 60K no longer under warrantee. i was lucky because i was going to leave it until the end of the week before ringing in problem and i would have been over 60K




today driving up the road and engine malfunction light comes on in amber then RED, pulled in and lifted bonnet and a strange smell of burning not plastic,rubber or oil but smelled similar to wood. Ford then informed me that road side assitance only for 1 year and that i would have to get car recovered and dropped up to them over 100miles away. THEN no courtesey car so i had to hire for a week so at the mo 500quid down NOT impressed.

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