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engine rebuild


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as my engine is currently using a good amount of oil,i ve been told bey a local mechanic that my rings are worn,so i'm definately looking into a new engine which i would like to strip and rebuild,so what would be a basic rebuild?


what gaskets etc.

cleaning etc.

and what would i replace.


i dont want to spend loads just perform a basic rebuild to return the engine to most of its former glory.


thanks marc.

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The first thing to do is strip the engine and measure the piston to bore clearance. If it's outside spec then it's not worth rebuilding.


:cheers: what would i need to do this?


but could you tell me what you would renew or replace, as i can start buying and searching for parts :thumb:

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Building engines isn't simply about fitting parts, it's about cleaning, measuring, more cleaning and double checking on your measuring, then making appropriate decisions.


And it's highly unlikely to be worn rings on your engine. I've taken about zetec engines with over 100k on them with very worn bores, but the rings are practically un-worn.

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no stu,just told him what i knew and thats what he said,so worn valve guides would cause all of the above even to the extent of 2 litres of oil a month?


Possibly. It also depends on how many miles you're doing in that month!


Either way, if you're not going to get your head reconditioned during the engine rebuild you may not fixing your issue and throwing money down the toilet.


If you want to know how to do it properly, I recommend this book:




It gives you lots of best practises to think about. It's not mainly about DOHC engines though, but will give you some good insight into what's required to do a proper job.

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