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escort and focus hubs - are they the same?


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as title really, i know the ABS would play a factor, but can the front ahd rear fucus hubs be swapped over? reason i ask is becuase i have found a diagram to drill out a 4 stud focus hub to a 5 stud focus hub, whilst still keeping the PCD as 108, but would be 5x108 as apposed to 4x108




i know if you swapped over to the focus hubs, youd need the disks/pads/callipers etc from the 5 stud focus, also would you need to adapt the car to fit the focus callipers?


this is NOT somthing that i am going to be doing - but i have wonderd this for a while and would like some cliarfication - as i think the 18" focus ST wheels would look the nuts on a MK6 :innocent:

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