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16" Mondeo/GTI's with tyres for 15/16" with low profiles


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Getting a bit sick of my "gti rep" so looking at changing some things AFTER getting my brakes fixed (a.s.a.p)


All wheels are straight/solid/no buckles/holes etc. etc. etc. but do have some slight kurbing, nothing serious.


Rears = 205/50/16 - Goodyear Eagle + Goodyear Eagle F1 - 5mm all round

Front = 205/45/16 - Goodride - 4/5mm all round (because these do all the work)


Loads of random pictures showing the wheels (any more pictures you want just ask and i'll go get them):




http://i611.photobucket.com/albums/tt199/LiamPearson/Escort/Random%20Pics/Photo0018.jpg <-- Wheels look white here but are SILVER






I am after some 15"/16" wheels with atleast /45 profile or lower all round, a straight swap would be ideal but i'm more than willing to put money in your hand aswell if the right wheels come along. :cheers:


Liam :thumb:

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Well for a start we are on near opposite ends of the UK :pancake:


Thanks but no thanks mate, yea i'm after lower profiles and trying to get rid of my "gti rep" look so putting 15" mondeo's would only further improve the GTI rep look.

distance didnt bother me - i like a good drive :P


fair enough though mate. you know what you want so go for it :D got some mondy 16's i'm refurbing now anywayz :P

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