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WIP..... my escort Van


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i thought id better host pics of My Van that i plan to do up a little, just to prove im a ligit member :pancake:


As you can see ive added the 16inch alloys to it that i did plan to get rid of, i had to use 3mm spacers on the back which is hardly noticeable.


as of yet no problems with the bigger wheels,


heres the pics




Just to tidy it up a bit i added some Seat Covers and a steering wheel cover too, in the future il replace these hopefully






Really cant wait to add some colour coded bumpers and skirts



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nice looking van will look good with colour coded bumpers common thing on the rear to have spacers most people just hit the inner arch out with a hammer





The pictures dont actually show the real picture, both bumpers front and back need replacing and the body work needs attention too, you can see in one of the pictures a nasty dent near the back door, there are some scratches and rust spots too, once all sorted out il probably give it a nice new paint job with something special on the back doors :thumb:

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Rather than start a new thread i thought id just add to this already exsisting thread regarding my van, i have a couple of questions (hope they are not obscure :pancake: ) but first id thought id tell you whats been so far.


The Interior has gone through a change Gear and Stereo surround, instrument dash are now red and i have to say im really pleased how it turned out, Thanks for the tips and putting me right on my mistakes i will add pictures of the interior once i have fitted the White dials.


All switches, Time Clock and Heater panel glow with blue LEDs just need to do the same to the Instrument clocks when they arrive hopefully next week.


Recaro Seats and Mondeo Sun Visors have been fitted and also a new carpet however i jumped the gun here a little il explain later.....


I have new door Cards too which are currently being re-trimmed in a nice red fabric, head liner needs to be done too i have a bit of a theme going here :thumb:


In storage ready to be fitted are Fog Lights, tinted Angel Eyes, full set of Ply Boards, Sub when it arrives and speakers, Carpet for rear cargo area, sound proofing.

Turbo and Amp gauges (these will be just for show)


I also picked up a real nice in car Dvd system and im toying with the idea of having a rear facing bench seat fitted in the back cargo area with the Dvd screen mounted in the back i think its a shame to have all thast space in the back and not utilise it some how or have it fitted somewhere in the passenger area not sure though how this could be hidden for security reasons, need to further investigate the options, but all this is still in the thought stage.


so onto the nitty gritty, ive always stated that my knowledge on this sort of project is zero so im having to rely on the words and expertise of others.


My Dream is to have a Vehicle that looks pleasing to the eye a head turner for want of a better word, speed was never an option for me im far to old to be boyracing around the streets of Birmingham so a vehicle that drives well but looks Great has always been my way of thinking.

Reading a lot of Threads here there seems to be a lot about engine conversions, upgrades and the like, and i have kind of brought into the whole "ive got to do that too" way of thinking


This weekend i spent a lot of time going to different places having chats with potential Mechanics and fabricators and have quicly come to realise im just not going to have the money to spend on both the look and performance of the van.


The Body kit alone from Fibresports is going to cost me nearly £850, i had a chat with them about the rear door, i want a one piece tailgate that doesnt have the window which incidently comes already missing im having to have one specially made.


The Van is in need of Body repair thankfully not much but the complete price on this is in the region of £2,500 that includes all repair and prep, fit and colour code body kit and then a complete re-spray, new embossed fancy number plates and surrounds, Vented Bonnet.


The electrics i got quoted £290 for this i get the fogs wired and fitted, Elec windows and central locking, rear door release solonoid and wiring and an alarm supplied and fitted. The price will alter sightly for the in car DVD should i wish to go with it...... not a bad price in my opinion. all the carpet i fitted will have to come out for the wiring and as ive sprayed glued this in its going need to be replaced .............


so onto my dilemma the engine upgrade, whats my options as im seriously running out of Money now.


Im thinking keeping the Engine Standard to what it is at the moment a 55 diesel and just getting it cleaned up, parts changed colour coded chromed what ever, the engine has done 90 odd thousand and considering nothing has been done to it at all it runs ok


What are the major things i need to look at getting changed, is it possible to get a couple of extra BHP out of it by keeping it standard ? while spending money on re-vamping the exsisiting engine would i be just better of going for an upgrade.......... i really dont know what to do.


Id like to get some ideas and knowledge on this so that when i do go and price up the work i know what im getting for my money and il know what the Mechanics are on about :pancake:


i also need to take into consideration that im going to need a new exhust and any other unforseen problems


so in summary i need help and advice on saving money :thumb:

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I think you need to decide do you want power or looks?


i'd just clean the engine bay up and focus on looks, also if you're spending money on a decent paint job, do you just want to stick with standard radient red?




link the the place in Rubery that did my seats:




one of the few car related places that I would recommend!

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A little progress report.


over the past few months ive been collected a few bits for the van and now thats it due to go into the work shop and be finally done i thought id post up some pics of the van with all the Kit Dry fitted, i wanted to get a feel on how the van would look and im really really pleased, i cant wait for it all to be fitted properly and re-sprayed.


The Colour im going for is Metalic Salsa Red which i believe to be a VW colour.


The only parts i need now are new rear doors and then off it goes.


Cossy Style rear Bumper and Top Spoiler. Need new Back doors




Rear Spoiler has working Led Brake Light which ive not seen on an Escort Van Before




Gti Style Side Skirts, front Bumper Unknown make model




Now with added Angel eyes




Thanks for looking i really cant wait to see this come back all shiny and new

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