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my Cuiruss blue mk6 escort gti


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this is my new motor




cossie bib




back box is a bit big for my taste




and the rims :drool: think i want them silver but ill see if i warm up to the colour




its got full system and four branch lowerd 40mm after market air filter bonnet lift kit (unsure on this at the min)

what you all think

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That is a properly mint looking escort, well played!


Lose the SPAX sticker though...

cheers and i will be mate


not bad not keen on the rear end tho


its standard apart from the exhaust if thats what you talking about but i dont like the exhaust and it will be going


dont look like a cossie bib to me fella :unsure: nice though!

cheers mate its for the mk5 and i think thats why it dont look as it should it is genuine tho got a bill for it

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ahh right, that how mine should look ;( getting parts for it is a bloody nightmare


gonna have to have a look into this now as ther is two telling me its not a cossie front splitter now :unsure:

if you've got a bill for it then i think you've been screwed , theres no way that's a mk5 cossie bib :unsure:


nice motor though :)


im going to have to look into this now .teach me to belive what im told :nutter:


looks good chap


whats the front splitter off?



not sure now thort it was mk5 cossie but im not too sure now :rolleyes:

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yeah id look for some part numbers on it or something ,


bear in mind how much bigger a cossie splitter is :



yer iv been had with something simular wish i could edit my first post now :cheers:


What ever splitter it is, it's good and a change from the norm


this is true what ever it is i like it :innocent:

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That's not a Cossie Bib as others have stated, the previous owner probably took it off and sold it separately.


If you can get a Cossie Bib though, that'll look the nuts :thumb:


And I think silver wheels would look much nicer, not a fan of black alloys.


im tempted for the silver too and cheers mate


on a brighter note first mod :D


got rid of an eye sore befor





after :)) (sorry just wanted to move things on )




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