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RS 2000 and standard suspension


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hi am in a bit of a predicament with my car it is a 1.6 zetec on a N plate mk6 i am fitting a rs 2000 engine and subframe out of a k plate mk 5B and i am wanting to buy a coilover kit for the car its a mk6 kit and it say not sutible for rs 2000 wot is the differance between a rs shocker and a standerd 1.6/1.8 one

any light on this would be grateful :nutter:



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as far as i can recall, its because the RS2000 engine and box weigh more than the standard Zetecs/diesel and as a result need different rated suspension. be best off in my opinion using mk6 RS2000 suspension



thanks mate will start looking for a kit for the mk6 rs

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